🔎 What is a Bitcoin Casino in Canada?

Online Bitcoin casinos are a unique and new phenomenon which are becoming increasingly popular in Canada. The offer an exciting gambling experience for players looking to enjoy the convenience and security of cryptocurrency transactions. These digital platforms have gained popularity in recent years, providing Canadian players with a wide range of games and opportunities to win big.

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First developed in 2008 by an entity called Satoshi Nakamoto, and abbreviated as BTC or XBT, it has been used as a decentralized digital currency since 2009.

What does this mean in Canada? It means a greatly streamlined process for making online payments. Bitcoin Casino is an online site for Canadians that take cryptocurrency deposits, either exclusively or together with the standard payment methods.

Now a household name, its widespread acceptance make it an ideal choice for online transactions. It is convenient, and offers a decentralized nature making it a preferred crypto payment method for many users worldwide. As a payment method it has streamlined internet transactions to the point of suprassing the other wallet options.

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Some of the advantages over traditional online casinos that are offered by Bitcoin casinos include their enhanced privacy and anonymity. Transactions are conducted using cryptocurrencies rather than traditional banking methods. This appeals to players who value their privacy and want to keep their gambling activities discreet.

Often Bitcoin casinos also offer faster deposits and withdrawals compared to traditional online casinos. Cryptocurrency transactions are processed almost instantly, allowing players to access their winnings quickly without any delays or additional fees.

A vast selection of games available for players’ enjoyment is another major attraction of the Bitcoin casinos. From classic casino favorites like slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker to innovative blockchain-based games with provably fair systems, there is something for every type of player.

In terms of safety and security, reputable Bitcoin casinos employ advanced encryption technology to ensure that player information remains secure at all times. Additionally, these platforms often undergo regular audits by independent third-party organizations to guarantee fair gameplay.

For Canadian players interested in exploring the world of online gambling with Bitcoin, there is a growing number of reputable platforms catering specifically to this market. These casinos provide an immersive gaming experience combined with the benefits inherent in using cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, online Bitcoin casinos in Canada offer an enticing alternative for those seeking a modern and secure gambling experience. With their focus on privacy, fast transactions, diverse game selections, and robust security measures – these platforms have become increasingly popular among Canadian gamblers looking for something new and exciting.

💵 Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin has been with us for more than a decade, but recently its growth in online casinos has brought it to new attention which is deserving of a closer look. Since 2009 Bitcoin has been revolutionising online payment methods, making it increasingly popular in its more recent impact on online gaming in Canada.

Some online casinos offer e-wallets and Bitcoin as one of their payment options, but there are others which work exclusively with cryptocurrencies. A casino which accepts Bitcoin will also support altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether etc.

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Note that there can be some limitations on using Bitcoin. While a Bitcoin casino might be happy for you to deposit via BTC, some don’t have options for you to play with that currency. It may convert your Bitcoin into Canadian dollars, or other currencies specific to that casino. Likewise, if you were to deposit using altcoins it may be converted to Bitcoin.

When it comes to your withdrawals, however, don’t get alarmed – you will be paid the same way you made your deposit. If you deposited in BTC, you will be paid in BTC. If you deposited with Litecoin, you will be paid with Litecoin. Other online casinos besides the Bitcoin casinos might include Gigadat, Interac and PaySafeCard casinos.

📝 How do I Check out Bitcoin Casinos?

First check out the different casinos that accept Bitcoin. Some casinos are cryptocurrencies-only, while others have them as one option alongside the usual traditional payment methods. Setting up a Bitcoin account before you start should take no more than half an hour. Then to check into a casino and sign up will take no time at all.

  • Choose your casino
  • Create an account
  • Choose Bitcoin as your payment method
  • Make your initial deposit
  • Start exploring the games
  • Choose a game and play

How do you choose a Bitcoin casino? Here are some of the things we think are important to consider.

  • Top introductory offers and ongoing promotions
  • The bigger the games selection the better
  • That the game are fair and fun
  • All transactions and personal information have proper security
  • Deposits, Withdrawals and Payouts are fast and safe

What are the Advantages of Choosing Bitcoin?

So, what is the big deal over Bitcoin in Canada? Why should we choose a Bitcoin Casino over the traditional payment options?

The first and most obvious advantage is that because it is all online, not only deposits are instant, but also withdrawals are much faster. They are dependent only on the casinos themselves, which are generally very speedy with their transactions.

There is none of the waiting time required by the banks and other traditional methods, no third person, while they process your payments. Any good casino will have speedy payouts, and your wins will be in your hands much faster – within hours.

The transactions are not only speedy, but trackable, decentralized private no third partyies anonymous, and not connected to any country, or financial entity, no additional fees for transcation costs, and there is often a house edge on offer. In detail, here are some of the benefits of using Bitcoin casinos.


There is no question about the speediness facilitated by Bitcoin casinos. With no middleman such as the banks, the waiting time is reduced to almost nothing, not only for deposits, but also for withdrawals.


These days security is more important than ever, and Bitcoin transcations have that security. At Bitcoin casinos, your information is secure and can’t be stolen. In fact, Bitcoin doesn’t even ask for the personal information normally asked for with traditional methods, protecting punters from identity theft as well. In fact, the top casinos which use Bitcoin will use a unique code to further prevent hackers from having any chance of taking advantage in any way.

Casino Bonuses

The bonuses offered by online casinos which use Bitcoin often outclass the bonuses offered on normal payment methods, frequently bigger by a substantial amount, as well as extra free spins.

Preview of Bitcoin Casino promo #1

No Fees

Hard to believe these days, but most casinos which offer Bitcoin charge no transaction fees. This is because there are no fees involved without the brick and mortar banks and other financial institutions. Even the commissions involved to transfer cryptocurrency can be adjusted down.


Gambling is one of those things which can have a stigma to it. If a player is concerned about being discovered by family, perhaps through the transactions, cryptocurrency is a godsend. Not only are there no transactions to be discovered, but there is almost no information that can be tracked.

Furthermore, the transactions are what is called immutable. This means they can’t be reversed or changed in any way on the public ledger in Bitcoin, which further protects the privacy of your transactions. 

Blockchain Technology

Typically the casinos which offer Bitcoin have blockchain technology. This ensures that your information and your transactions are completely private. It also ensures transparency. The Blockchain network further ensures that the house is totally above board even on top of the stringent requirements of the gambling authorities which issue the licenses reinforcing fairness, amongst other things.


There is an increasing tendency for the nanny state around the world, including the increasing frequency of banks and other financial institutions imposing the notion that they have a right to dictate how you are spending your money.

This is amongst some of the major reasons for Bitcoin’s creation in the first place. There is no centralized authority which deems it necessary to regulate everything, which can lead to accounts being frozen or confiscated. This puts you in complete control of your own finances and transactions. There is no middleman to interfere, and your funds and transactions are completely private.

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💡 Types of Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency e-Wallet, or a digital currency. They have developed in different formats on the net, with different levels of security, a software program which is decentralised and entirely online and in digital format. There are differences in their forms, and different levels of convenience.

A wallet is a place for storing your information including currencies. It comes as software, or as a web service, and includes a way of storing crytpocurrencies – a digital version of the traditional leather wallet you keep in your pocket. There are cold wallets and hot wallets.

Cold Wallets

This is offline storage. The old familiar is the leather wallet in your pocket, where you can keep your cash. It’s called a PAPER WALLET. You can write down your details onto a piece of paper – you passwords, pins and any other information that you need in order to access your funds. You can physically keep in your wallet with your cash. It never goes online.

Alternatively you can use a HARDWARE WALLET. You can note all this same information and store it on an external hard drive, such as a USB. They are any electronic devices which are physical and can be unplugged from your computer, but it can still store all your information. You can also store your cryptocurrency funds this way. Once you have made your transactions online, you unplug the device so it is offline and safe from hackers.

But they aren’t as easy to use as a beginner. Though much safer than the software wallets, they are not free. However, if you have a large amount of information, you will need a hardware wallet. It is also more secure than a software wallet, in fact the most secure of all financial transactions in the market.

You can store your Bitcoin offline in this way. In terms of hackers, both of these cold wallets are safe from any online problems, safe from viruses, hackers and cybercriminals of any sort, because they are physically unconnected to the web.

Hot Wallets

This is online storage. Hot wallets are always online, never unplugged. They are software or web service which allows you to store informataion including cryptocurrencies.

A WEB WALLET or a SOFTWARE WALLET is the program or app installed onto your computer, and is now the most common type of wallet. You can also get mobile wallets and desktop wallets, for example, software installed on your mobile or desktop respectively.

While they aren’t as difficult to use, just as your desktop computer is susceptible to hackers, malware attacks and any other kind of malicious activity, desktop wallets are also vulnerable since your funds and secure information is online at all times.

There are of course many levels of security protection and encryptian software, used by the casinos, all sites used for funds transactions, as wel as the antivirus software that you have installed on your own computer. Desktop wallets which aren’t always connected and mobile wallets can afford a greater margin of safety.

The various wallets all afford a variety of ways of storing your cryptocurrency, your Bitcoin, and your other personal and connection details. Once online you can convert your Canadian dollers to Bitcoin or BTC, and back again when you take your winnings. Your funds will be exchanged and added to your web wallet, where you can unplug your hardware to keep it safe.

Software Wallets

These are good if you know your way around cryptocurrencies. They are free, and you can send, receive and keep your funds here. They are completely digital with no physical boundaries, but they aren’t as secure as a hardware wallet.

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Hardware Wallets

The hardware wallet device containing all your Bitcoin needs to be manually attached to your computer for usage. For those who gamble extensively, the hardware eWallet is essential for carrying the volume of your Bitcoin, and also offers the greatest security. But what makes gambling by Bitcoin a good thing? What makes Bitcoin casinos worth considering over and above the more conventional online sites?

  • It is considered amongst the safest methods for paying and making deposits, and is more trustworthy than the bank cards we may be more familiar with. This is largely because Bitcoin functions within the blockchain network. This keeps infomration anonymous, which is what makes it safe.
  • There can be no participation or interference in the process of making payments from banks or any other third parties. Banks cannot interfere with your funds or how you spend them.
  • The resulting anonymity helps to keep your information safe. Most cryptocurrencies ask for very little personal infomation, so it is simply unavailable to be accessed by any ill-meaning third party.
  • Excluding banks and other third parties from the process and methods of payments means that they can’t charge any transaction fees.
  • There is an additional advantage to your pocket that many Bitcoin casinos have higher RTP rates – Return to Player rates. ie the percentage paymetns back to the player is on average higher than for the conventional methods.

🎰 Choosing a Canadian Bitcoin Casino Site

What is the best Bitcoin Casino site?

Before we can answer this, we need to define what we consider the features which should be superlative in a Bitcoin casino site in order to find a way to choose the better ones. Here are some of the facets of a site which we take into consideration.

  • Level of security
  • What type of bonuses and how generous they are
  • Fees, convenience and number of deposit and withdrawal options
  • How speedy the payout time on winnings
  • Variety of markets
  • Variety, quality and quantity of games offered
  • Live games offered

The more information you have at hand, the better the quality you are likely to get out of your online Bitcoin gaming experience. With this summary at hand we have made it all so much easier for you by short circuiting the amount of research you have to do, because we have already done a large part of it for you. But knowing how we make our assessments means you have a yardstick for assessing our information, as well as a guide on how to rate a site for yourself should you come across a new one.

Moreover, we must not overlook the inclusion of live Bitcoin Casinos which brings forth a new dimension of excitement. This addition is especially significant for individuals in Canada as it unlocks an entire realm of engaging and captivating gambling experiences. Brace yourself for the adrenaline rush of real-time gaming while embracing the convenience and security that Bitcoin provides. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure like never before! 

🏅 Best Live Bitcoin Casinos Canada

Experience the thrill of live casino games from the comfort of your own home. You can use your desktop, or you can use your mobile in the comfort of your house or garden. Live gaming means you can immerse yourself in a realistic environment. All you have to do is select a casino, find a game, then connect up with the live feed. You can talk directly with the dealer, as well as with the other players, making every moment truly interactive and exhilarating.

Some of the casinos which have come up trumps as Bitcoin casinos we would recommend include the following:

  • Lucky Block
  • Mega Dice
  • BC Game
  • Bodog
  • Bitslot
  • Coinzino
  • mBit
  • Wild Casino
  • MyBookie
  • BetOnline
  • BetUs
  • BTC365
  • Power Play
  • Cloudbet
  • Everygame
  • Ignition
  • Big Spin
  • MYB Casino
  • Cafe Casino

🎲 How to Play With Bitcoin at Online Casinos

The emergence of Bitcoin has truly revolutionized the process of online payments. With its speedy transactions and absence of fees, it has quickly become the preferred choice for avid gamers on multiple gaming platforms. Say goodbye to payment delays! Depositing funds and withdrawing money has never been more convenient and efficient.

Increasingly Casinos in Canada have been turning to cryptocurrency because of its efficiency, to the point that it is starting to become the foremost of the electronic wallets. Players can choose their favorite games and play them on their device of choice. With Bitcoin methods of payment are independent of banks or any other mediators. They require no comissions or any extra fees for the transactions.

After making the usual checks of licenses, confirmed the legitimacy of the Bitcoin site of your choice, it is a matter of exploring the new dimensions and added creativity of Bitcoin casinos, and simply enjoying the new revolution in gaming.

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Registering to pay is easy compared to the conventional casinos which are required to ask for a number of verifications for your payments. Cryptocurrencies generally have few of these. With Cryptocurrencies becoming increasingly accepted and available across casinos, be sure to check whether your favorite online casino includes a Bitcoin payment option.

When considering the advantages mentioned, it’s clear that Bitcoin has made a significant impact in the gambling industry. Once you’re ready to try it, be sure to register your eWallet cryptocurrency account. Make your first deposit using your eWallet, and start playing.

🔮 How to Gamble with Bitcoin

Getting Started

Your first step into the exciting crypto world of gambling in Canada is to get yourself the Bitcoin. You need an exchange platform so you can trade your Canadian dollars for Bitcoin, then exchange your winnings back again. A good Bitcoin exchange platform makes it a breeze. You want to trade with ease and convenience.

A site that has been around long enough to have been tested and to have gained decent rating is definitely an advantage. Some include Bitbuy, which has been around since Bitcoin first became popular,Blockchain.com, and Coinbase.com.

1 Find an Exchange

Where can Bitcoin be bought?

Before you can use it, you need to get a hold of it. So where can it be found?

You go to an exchange – a cryptocurrency exchange. Even if all this is completely new to you and you haven’t heard of this before, if you look online you will find quite a number of them. This is the place where you can buy cryptocurrencies with your Canadian dollars, or any other currency for that matter.

One such top exchange is eToro. A big advantage of this one is that you can start with a minimum deposit of just $50 Canadian. Once you have made your deposit, you can begin to buy your cryptocurrency.

You will also see that Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrenct available. Alternative available currencies might include Ethereum, Lite Coin, Kraken, CoinBase, and DogeCoin amongst others. Keep this in mind when you choose your online casino, and make sure that the casino supports Bitcoin if that is the one you wish to use.

Like all currencies, it always depends on the exchange rate and how much the BTC Bitcoin currency is worth compared to the Canadian dollar or whatever currency you wish to use for your purpose. A single Bitcoin, for example, may cost a few hundred Canadian dollars. But don’t worry, you don’t have to buy whole BTCs. You can buy just 0.2 BTC, for example.

The casinos will also generally scale down their denominations.. 0.2 BTC is not a small amount, and the casinos adapt. After all, they want their customers to be happy so they’ll stay with them.

As an example:

BTC is one Bitcoin.

mBTC is 1/1000 of a Bitcoin (one one thousandth), or 0.0001 BTC

uBTC is 1/1000000 of a Bitcoin (one Millionth), or 0.000001 BTC

2 Buy Bitcoin

Now that you have found an exchange, you can go ahead and buy some cryptocurrency. If you have used eToro, for example, they will hold your purchased Bitcoin in a temporary wallet. You need to create your own eWallet, whether it be online software, on your desktop or on your mobile, or whether it be a cold wallet using hardware such as a detachable USB. Then you simply transfer your Bitcoin to your eWallet.

Typically this is done via a receiving hash key. This can be up to 16 digits long. Once you have sent your Bitcoin to your wallet, it should appear within minutes.

3 Choose your Bitcoin Casino

The fun just keeps on growing. Now you get to choose your online casino. Read all the information about them and make sure they offer Bitcoin as a payment option. One of the top onlnine gambling sites with a Bitcoin option is MyBookie. Having decided, your next task will be to create an account with your new casino.

4 Register and Make an Account

Once you have registered with your chosen online Bitcoin casino, you should find a ‘Join Now’ button easily. MyBookie, for example, has one in the top right corner of its main page. You will find most have them in a place like this – somewhere easy to find on their first page.

Enter your details as they request it. They will ask for information such as your name, date of birth, your email address and phone number. They will also ask you to enter and then confirm a password. And most of all, don’t forget to check the box for the currency you wish to use.

  • SpinAway
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    C$ 1000 + 100 FS

5 Make Deposits

Making a Bitcoin deposit works the same as an online deposit works, the same as a deposit anywhere. First you need to set up an account. ie, you need to create an eWallet which you can use at your Crypto or Bitcoin casino.

As we’ve explained earlier, your Bitcoin is stored in an eWallet, either on a removable hard drive, or in a program on your computer or device. A Ledger Nano S will help you if you’ve chosen a physical eWallet. Otherwise keep your Bitcoins safe in a digital storage location such as Exodus.

Once you have signed up for an eWallet and bought your Bitcoin currency, you will be able to use it anywhere that accepts cryptocurrencies. In Canada, online casinos are one such place.

Any good casino will have a good variety of payment methods for you to choose from, both for deposits and for withdrawals. To use your Bitcoin, it will need to be included amongst the cryptocurrencies the site has to offer.

When you set up your account with an online casino, all good casinos should have a good selection of payment methods to choose from, including cryptocurrencies. Be sure to check the right box for your specific currency. When choosing your casino, make sure also that your currency is listed with the withdrawal options, not just the deposit options.

6 Transfer the Bitcoin

In order to use them, after making your deposit, you will need to transfer your Bitcoins into the casino’s own eWallet so you can use it since all of their games will be in Canadian dollars. Their eWallet address is likely to come as a hash code or as a QR code.

Their eWallet is the place where they will exchange your Bitcoin into Canadian dollars for use on their site. They will credit your account in Canadian dollars to the equivalent amount of your Bitcoin. You will make your BTC deposit into this eWallet.

Don’t get distressed that your account then shows Canadian dollars. The casino’s eWallet has simply translated your deposit for you, and will translate them back into Bitcoin for withdrawals of your winnings. It is also much easier to deal with the amounts in Canadian dollars since the BTC are in such large units.

7 Choose and Play your Games

This is what it’s all about – or at least, this and the next step – taking your winnings. Now that you are set up, browse through your games options, choose your game or games, and start playing. Most of all, have fun.

8 Withdrawing your Winnings

This is the same as the depositing process, but in reverse. Your Canadian dollars will be transferred back into Bitcoin and deposited into your account. If your eWallet is a physical one, unplug your winnings and keep them safe.

✳️ Other Cryptocurrencies

While we’re on the topic of cryptocurrencies, we might as well have a quick look at some of the other options around. While Bitcoin might be the first one which comes to mind, it is by no means to only cryptocurrency. It may have been the first one on the block, but new kids have been arriving ever since. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies grows, so do the number of crypto-options. There are in fact now hundreds of digital currencies. These altcoins function in a very similar way to Bitcoin with only some small changes in things such as the exchange rate. 

🧨 Bitcoin Casino Games in Canada

One additional advantage to the Bitcoin casinos is that there are also some games which especially cater to crypto casinos. You may find a section specially dedicated to Bitcoin games.

They may not necessarily be hugely different to the usual games accessible through the casinos, playing these games comes with the additional security afforded by cryptocurrency networks. The games are of course a top-of-the-line selection of the most exciting ones with the latest innovations. And of course, you still have the speedy transactions, particularly giving you a step ahead when it comes to withdrawals.

Players love nothing more than finding what they want easily, then being able to register, create an account and deposit their Bitcoin, then within minutes be playing their favorite games. Add to this free spins and other bonuses, and the grass cannot be greener than on their own side of the fence, snapping up offers that can be double, triple or quadruple the initial deposit simply by using Bitcoin over conventional payment methods.

All this is possible because so many of the crypto casinos in Canada offer unique rewards which are not available to non-crypto players, and available for simply playing on their site. And remember, not just BTC Bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin.

The beauty of crypto casinos lies in their diverse range of software providers, ensuring that each game offers a unique and exciting experience. With such an array of options available, it’s impossible to predict which one will perfectly align with your preferences without giving them a try yourself.

There is, of course, a process of trial and error in selecting games, in order to find the ones which you like best. However, once you have found your preferred game or games, as you get to know them better you can increas your winnings by taking advantage of their unique features.

One way of accelerating this process is to take advantage of games from the Bitcoin casino which you can play for free. Usually the pay-for version has additional perks and bonuses, but you can still get a good idea of the game before you pay. Not only can you choose the games you enjoy more without spending money to check them out, but you can also get yourself familiar with the games and how they work without risking your own funds.

Rather than risk your money on mistakes before fully understanding how the game works, you can make more real money right from the start of paying with real money because you have already started to figure out how to get those bigger winnings.

So go ahead and explore the possibilities. Discover the perfect game that suits your taste! Here are some of the standard ones you are likely to find.


This is the standard basic type of game found in every casino and club, whether it be by playing the physical standing version on the casino floor or club wall, or one of the millions of variations which have exploded online.

They are invariably basic fun at the optimum level. Whether you are after the mindless rythm of the meditative spin, or one with more sparkle and choices, these days the options seem endless. They offer quick wins, plus fun variations from fun fantasy themes to a dazzling array of progressive jackpots. There are always classic favorites such as Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, and Immortal Romance adding to an endless variety of new and exciting games constantly appearing in the latest games innovations.

Preview of Bitcoin Casino slots


The eterminable classic and all time favorite, played as much at school camps as to be found in every casino both online and offline. This one in particular is a major one on the professional circuit. With basic rules making it easy to play, but enough strategy to keep the most diehard interested, with mastery this one can be a serious contender in making real money.

The crypto casinos in Canada offer famous titles like Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Mississippi Stud, and Oasis Poker.


Also known as 21, or by its French name Vingt-e-Un, this is another you’ve probably played with friends. As a result, always a favorite in every casino, it is no less a favorite in Canada than elsewhere. So leap in and discover which variations take your fancy.

With such an easy concept as to get your cards’ face values to add to as close to 21 as possible without going over, it is always a thrilling game full of excitement.


This exciting game which always evokes the classiness of casinos and images of 007, combining cards, betting tokens and its drawn out table, is certain to thrill your day and excite the potential of winnings.


Evoking the elegance and wealth of 007 and Montecarlo, this simple game is always a world wide crowd pleaser. Between the dazzle of the spinning wheel, the startling red and black checkers, is at the very least a lot of fun, and can at the other end of the luck scale result in some good winnings, especially when adding strtegies such as the Martingale system.

Live Dealer

As always, there is also a live dealer option. If you are one to enjoy the buzz of the real casino atmosphere, then this is a way of getting a good taste while using the advantages of the Bitcoin casinos.

You can interact with real people and talk directly to a dealer who is real time responsive. The live deal games – usually on the classic casino table games – are great for evoking a real taste. They are immediate and interactive through a top quality audio stream and high-definition quality of video. All this while still gaining the advantages of Bitcoin casinos, but still in the comfort of your own home.

Preview of Bitcoin Casino live games

Game Shows

The fun does not stop there. Yet another feature of the Bitcoin casinos in Canada are the game shows. With games such as Cash or Crash, Sweet Bonanza Candyland, and Deal or No Deal, players can take part in the top quality on offer through the interactive nature of the game shows.

🎁 What else does Bitcoin Gambling offer in Canada?

While the majority of games and the most familiar ones may be in the online slots section, that’s not all that Bitcoin casinos have to offer. You will also find all the traditional gaming uch as the table games like Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette, presented with new and fun variations. Live dealer games which mimic the casinos themselves give the best of both worlds, facilitating social interaction between players and with the live dealers, creating the virtual world that feels more like the actual casino experience.

Sports Betting

In addition to the casinos there is a whole new world of growing popularity in sports betting. They offer Bitcoin options, just as they have conventional options. In addition they will often have bonuses and offers made exclusively to Bitcoin players. Most casinos will offer both Bitcoin and Fiat currencies as methods of payment. (Fiat currencies are the normal ones which are backed by a government, generally giving them more stability than gold backed currencies.)

Sports betting has room for lots of fun, and most of us are already fans. Keep yourself informed of the latest events, and your fandom can potentially work for you, giving you that extra edge in anticipating outcomes, and betting on them. As with all areas of online casino betting, the apps are available on desktop and mobile devices, with usual levels of security.

Bitcoin Lottery

Here is an old favorite, which has of course also made its way to an online version. Available on many Bitcoin casinos in Canada, there are a few differences to the version you may be used to from the local store. There are a few different varieties you can play. Best of all, you can play online, and you can play using your Bitcoin.

Playing needs to be in Canadian dollars, which you can pay for with your Bitcoin account. Any winnings, however, will be paid back to you in Bitcoin. There are

  • SpinAway
    8/ 10
    C$ 1000 + 100 FS

Bitcoin-Friendly Gaming Providers

The gaming providers are those who have created the games, subsequently selling or leasing them to the respective casinos. It is a good call to check out the providers used by a casino as an indicator not only of the quality and variety of the games, but also as an indicator of how reputable a casino is. A casino which has taken the time and money to collect games from the top providers will have taken the time ad money on the other areas of its business.

Furthermore, you will need to access those which support cryptocurrencies, since not all games providers do. Some which are both trustworthy as well as being popular are listed below, and should give you a good guide to start with.

  • Microgaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Play’n Go
  • NoLimit City
  • BetSoft
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Endorphina
  • Booming Games
  • Evoplay
  • Belatra Games

Tips for Betting at Online Bitcoin Casinos

The idea of Crypto gambling is to have fun. At least, that is one of the ideas. The other is to make some nice winnings. While the casinos are strictly regulated to ensure fairness, and cheating is simply not possible, there are ways in which you can improve your chances of winning, and make those winnings bigger. Gambling is a game of chance and making guesses, but it is possible to make them more into educated guesses with some strategies and well-armed knowledge. 

Price Fluctuations

Bitcoin has a tendency to jump around in value, so that its price at one moment can be quite different to another just shortly later. To manage your winnings well you need to keep an eye on it. If you can buy Bitcoin when its cheap, and sell it when its worth more, you can actually make money through the exchange. On the other hand, if you ignore this you might find all your winnings disappear through the changing exchange rate.

So watch the exchange rate and be aware of what is good and bad. This way you can even enhance your winnings.

Betting Strategies

There are some things you can do while playing by the choices you make which can improve your winnings. The web is covered with claims on how. To make the most of these suggestions you need to try them out for yourself, not just to see how they work, but how they might work for you. Some will seem easier for you to implement.

Perhaps the single best way of testing out the different strategies is on the free games which are readily available for most of them. This way you can try out different things without risking your real money. Once you’ve tested and worked out which strategies work for you, you can try them with your real money, and hopefully make some nice little extras from your insights.

Bankroll Management

Betting can be very exiting and an alluring idea since it has the image of being a ‘get rich quick’ option. This, unfortunately for our wallets, is a myth. Remember, that for the casinos it is a business, so they will come out ahead.

However, it is all averages over time. On average, by the nature of the gambling game, you will usually get close to your money back , making it a good bit of fun which probably won’t cost a lot, normally just a small percentage of what you gamble. (check the the RTP for each game). This means that you get the buzz of winning all the time. It is just that it’s likely to be in total slightly less than what you pay.

Average also means that if it’s your lucky day you can win big – the allure of gambling, and the real reason it attracts us. There are often jackpots too, and occasional big wins to keep the thrill level high. How big depends on the nature of the game. Some are designed to give a little bit but quite often, and are easily affordable on a small budget. Others are designed to give out bigger wins, but not as often, and will usually have higher betting amounts.

But average also means that sometimes you can get very little back. Of everything you pay in it can also be possible for almost none of it to come back. For this reason the old gambling adage applies. Only use money that you have to spare. Then, if you lose it, you don’t have to stress out about how to find more funds for the rent or any other purpose it may have been allocated for. If you win, it’s a bonus. It is very important to have a budget for your betting – just like for any other type of entertainment – and to keep to it.

Betting Limits

Because the game is exciting, it can be very easy to get caught up in the moment and think less clearly. The adrenalin from a big win, or our reaction to a loss, can go into overdrive making us want to keep on betting beyond our budget. For this reason it is very important to set a budget before betting so that in the heat of the moment you don’t overlook that you needed to keep some for your partner’s birthday, or a holiday, or the rent.

For some players, keeping control over their budget can be difficult, so the casinos have set it up so they can choose to set limits on their betting. You can fix a limit on how much the site will allow you to deposit into your account, or how much you have access to for betting, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The choice is all yours.

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This can help if you need it. If this is not enough and you have a problem, whether a short term or a long term problem, you can also arrange with customer service to put a block on your account for a period of time to give you the space you need. These are generally reversable if you change your mind, though there is usually a short time limit, such as 24 hours.


As with all casino sites, we want our funds to be safe, we want to get our winnings, and we want the games to be fair. It is important to make a few checks before you join a site.

Encryption: Check the encryption level. You should find this on the homepage, perhaps near the bottom.

Legitimacy: Look for licenses and their numbers – these should also be displayed on the homepage.

Licenses: These require stringent checks by the authorised gambling authorities, and ensure that the games are fair, and that all the other features of the casino are in order.

Software Providers: A site which uses games and software from reputable providers and big names is a good indicator that the site has a decent reputation.

Payment Methods: If these include options like the banking giants, Visa and MasterCard, this is another indicator that the site is legitimate. There should be a lock symbol on the pay page.

Bitcoin Casino Payout Percentages

Crypto casinos will usually offer slightly better odds on Bitcoin payouts than for the more conventional casino sites. Partly this is an advantage of the fact that there are less costs involved in using Bitcoin because of lack of fees in the transactions and other functions of the banks, such as the fact that there is no banking middleman needed for money transfers and exchanges. Very nicely, this results in a trickle down into the pockets of the players.

These advantages show up in bigger bonuses, and higher RTP percentages – Return To Player percentages on slots. On conventional casinos, the RTP will generally be up to about 99%. The Bitcoin casinos can make payouts well above 99%.

🔥 Keywords

Cryptocurrency was created in 2008 to a digital currency to facilitate online payments by avoiding the middleman – the banks and financial institutions with all their fees and time delays. Bitcoin was hard on its heels, created in 2009. It offers a cash-equivalent for people who traded mostly online and ran their businesses online.

Before cryptocurrencies, all net transactions were dependent on banks, credit unions, credit card companies and other financial institutions. The eWallets available were such as PayPal, requiring cash to be converted for use online, and including bank type fees on their transactions.

Bitcoin is an innovative shift from the conventional methods used prior to prior to that. It is also free of the traditional paper trail. With minimal information required for an account, it is also independent and anonymous where the conventional methods are becoming increasinly bogged down in the ever ballooning requirements by both governments and banks. There have even been occasions where the bank has dictated how the customer is permitted to spend their own money, refusing access and freezing funds.

As a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin deals directly with the buyers, sellers, and account holders. They are particularly free of limitations, and much lower with their fees. What’s more, a private key is provided for a once only use to both the buyer and the seller to protect them and to maintain security for transactions and minimise malicious interference. Transfers can be made seamlessly between eWallets making transactions smooth and fast.

In the world of online casinos and sportsbooks, this is a huge advantage. For gamblers, the added privacty anc security can be a major factor, on top of being cheap and fast, and of particular appeal to iGaming.

Another aspect of cryptocurrency is Blockchain, which is an added feature making up the foundation of Bitcoin and keeping transactions safe and private. Part of this security includes guaranteeing that that transactions will never be blocked. All these advantages make Bitcoin the perfect way to access the online casinos and to place betting in a way to ensure a maximum gaming experience for the players.

Within this, as with every field, there are some key words and phrases which are part of the industry, and especially important since the industry is relatively new, or for players for whom this is their first excursion into either the Bitcoin world or the gaming world.

  • Balance How much the player has in their acccount
  • Bankroll How much a player has available to use for betting
  • Bet The wager or amount placed from which a player is hoping to win
  • Card Sharp A player skilled in the card games. (not a card shark)
  • Croupier The word for dealer in French and some other languages
  • Edge The advantage or upper edge held by a bettor or a casino before play
  • Face Cards The picture cards, or the pretty ones: Jack, Queen and King
  • Favorite The team or player expected to win. The odds are lower
  • High Stakes When the bets are big and the risks are high
  • High Roller Player who makes big bets and plays more risky games with higher return
  • House Edge The casino has the edge, or advantage and is more likely to win
  • Live Betting Betting is ongoing during the event as it unfolds
  • Moneyline A single bet on the ultimate outcome, whether a team or an individual
  • Payout Table Table showing what the winning results are and how much you win, or the combinations which win on slots
  • Progressive A winnable kitty of money which grows until its won
  • Random Or RNG. Software which ensures that game results are genuinely random
  • Slots Games in grids with spinning discs giving random results
  • Wager A stake or amount of money placed on an outcome at a sportsbook
  • Wagering How much you need to place in bets before you can access your winnings
  • Welcome Promotions offered to new players when they sign up
  • Whale An customer who is super wealthy and a big time gambler

There are many more terms which you will get to know as you become familiar with your chosen casino, but these are some of the basics which will give you a good head start. To protect yourself against expensive mistakes, it is always a good idea to research first, which just means to have a good look at all the details.

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In particular, it is important to read the Terms & Conditions, especially the part concerning the details of the welcome bonus. But otherwise, one of the easiest ways to research is to try some of the free games first. Besides – who is going to argue with a bit of fun!

For anything you are still unsure about, check online via google searches and youtube videos. There are many which explain the details. Remember too, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency. Many sites are now offering several crypto payment options such as Dogecoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

👮 Is Gambling with Bitcoin Legal in Canada?

Gambling online is legal in Canada, as long as you are over 18 years old. Land based casinos are a state by state concern, but generally speaking gambling is legal.

When it comes to online, the lines aren’t as clear, since many of the online casinos are offshore. Laws have in general not yet caught up with the digital world. Furthermore, many players use a VNP on their computers to hide their locations. It is nevertheless always advisable to check with the local government regulations for your respective country and province.

As far as using crypto currency at online casinos is concerned, Bitcoin is quite legal. In terms of having your data and financial transactions protected, it is also more secure and reliable. Cryptocurrency is remarkably suited to the online gambling industry, almost as if it was designed with the iGaming industry in mind.

Another bonus of Bitcoin is that it is decentralized. This makes it extremely difficult to regulate, promising an extended life in this way. Official institutions and regulatory bodies have no laws to prohibit or limit in any way the use of crypto at and of the casinos online. Canada in general is liberal on this front, and has significant protection in place for onlin gaming. This includes the casinos with both the conventional payment methods as well as those using Bitcoin currencies.

📲 Crypto Casino Apps and Mobiles

Life today is lived on the run. Most of us do most of our online activities from our mobile devices rather than our desktop computers. While it is always an option for players to have their online gambling experiences in the comfort of their own homes, the reality is that most gambling is now done on the run – out and about at cafes, while waiting for children’s activities to finish, or on a break during the day.

As a result, all good online casinos have apps which work for the touch screens of our mobile devices. They not only have all the desktop functions transformed to maximum suitability for our mobiles, but often also have extra features designed particularly with mobiles in mind.

Apps are easy to download from the mobile online store, and are ready to set up and go within just a few minutes. The apps have typically been developed for both iPhone and Android devices, and work seamlessly even if we switch between our mobiles and desktops. With nothing more than a good wifi connection, your favorite sites are up and ready to go.

We have reached a sci-fi reality where we can lounge on our couch or in our garden and do it all without moving. With Bitcoin we don’t even need our credit cards. We can simply download the app and transfer from our Bitcoin eWallet, and hey presto, we are playing our games and making our bets.

Even the payments are faster, more secure, and with less traceability keeping our personal affairs more private. If we wish, we can enhance our mobile security even further by making use of enhanced features such as intuitive interfaces, data conservation, biomtric access, and other secure access options which are being constantly built on by the software developers.

🎉 Exclusive Bonuses for Canadian Bitcoin Players

One of the most impressive aspects of the Bitcoin online casinos is the exceptionally generous bonuses available to those whose main payment method is with Bitcoin. With the rapidly increasing popularity of the Bitcoin, the casinos are responding with ever more impressive bonuses, keen to tap into this exploding market.

The exact promotion you are offered varies casino to casino. Over time each casino will have a fairly standard offer available, but this can change without notice as the casino adjusts its details to keep itself in the eye of potential new customers.

Preview of Bitcoin Casino promo #2

Some of the promotions which may offered and to watch out for include welcome bonuses, free spins, and deposit and no-deposit bonuses. The offers to conventional payment methods will be essentially the same, but for the small detail that the ones offered to digital payment methods are frequently higher, and by a significant amount – possibly as much as double.

Also watch out for websites which can sometimes have themes specifically geared to Bitcoin. Some of the bonuses which are regularly offered and worth keeping an eye out for include the following:

Free Spins

This is one of the most fun bonus offers. They are typical as a welcome bonus when you register, and often appear as ongoing rewards for continuing members. Bitcoin deposits are attracting more free spins than the other payment methods.

Free spins are an excellent way of increasing your winnings. They are completely free turns. They have zero cost to you, zero risk to your money, so every win with them is an extra. Some Bitcoin sites offer as many as 300 free spins with no wagering requirements, which means no waiting time until you can take your winnings. This is a lot of potential for free wins, of getting prizes at absolutely no risk to yourself!

Matched Deposits

These are very common bonuses, offering to match your initial deposit. Bitcoin deposits frequently offer a much higher percentage back. They usually come as a part of a welcome bonus, but with Bitcoin deposits they are also offered as a reload bonus for loyal customers. 

Preview of Bitcoin Casino promo #3

No Deposit Bonuses

These are most often an offer in real casinos. Without paying anything from your own account, you can play in the casino and potentially win real money. There are only a small number of crypto sites which offer this bonus, but it is well worth watching for if you can find one.

Other Bitcoin Loyalty Rewards

Keep in mind that the rewards are not limited to welcome bonuses and enticing new customers. This is a competitive industry. They don’t just want to get you through the door. They want to keep you there, and they know that the best way to keep you there is to look after you.

💥 FAQs – Bitcoin Casinos in Canada

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