Privacy Policy

The Purpose of this Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy concerns the website and its users. It describes the processes of the website and its owners and operators while outlining the obligations of all website users. The way that the website collects, stores, and utilises user data is detailed herein.

General Information

Canada Top Online Casino Casino is compliant with UK law and keeps all user data safe and secure. It does not sell, trade, or share user information and follows strict privacy requirements at all times.

If, at any time, a user wishes to have their personal data removed from the Canada Top Online Casino Casino’s servers, they may contact the website and make a direct request. However, it should be noted that Canada Top Online Casino Casino, and its owners and operators, have no influence over affiliate websites and any requests to remove information from these sites should be made directly to those affiliates.

Cookies and How we Use Them

Canada Top Online Casino Casino uses cookies to provide a more reliable and enjoyable experience. On first visiting the website, users can select whether they want to accept or reject the use of cookies. This rule ensures that Canada Top Online Casino Casino is compliant with recent EU privacy laws, which requires user consent before installing or accessing files on a user’s computer.

Cookies are completely safe and are used throughout the internet, with many sites considering them essential for optimal browsing, shopping, and general interactions. Cookies are very small files created by the website and stored on the user’s computer. These files outline specific details about the user’s activities on the website, allowing for more tailored and specific future interactions.

The cookies used at Canada Top Online Casino Casino include those provided by Google Analytics. These cookies provide the owners and operators of Canada Top Online Casino Casino with information regarding the people using the site and the way they use it. These cookies provide details such as approximate geo-location, website activity, links clicked, pages visited, and more, all of which can be used to improve the website and assist in its growth.

Cookies can also be installed by third-party affiliates, advertisement platforms, and more. In such cases, these cookies have a time limit, typically lasting for just 30 days, and they do not store sensitive personal information.

For more information on Google Analytics and advertising cookies, including how you can opt-out, visit the following link:

To reject all cookies, users of Canada Top Online Casino Casino should check their web browser settings, information about which can be found on the browser developer’s website.

Contacting Us

Any user contacting the owners and operators of Canada Top Online Casino Casino does so at their own risk and discretion. The data provided by the user will be stored until it is no longer needed, as required by the Data Protection Act of 1998. We use secure contact forms and do everything within our power to keep user data safe, but anyone sending the website a message does so at their own risk.

Canada Top Online Casino Casino may contact users to provide them with additional information about content and services and/or assist them with their queries. This includes, but is not limited to, adding user data to email subscriber lists. Such an action will be only be performed with the user’s express permission and only when they have been fully made aware of the fact.

All users will be given the opportunity to remove their names from such lists if they no longer wish to receive periodic emails, and they can also request the removal of any securely stored personal information relating to them.

At no point will Canada Top Online Casino Casino sell user data or use it for unauthorised and unsolicited marketing.

Periodic Newsletters

Canada Top Online Casino Casino runs an email newsletter that furnishes users with periodic emails relating to the topics discussed on this website and the services provided by its operators and affiliates. Users can choose to subscribe to this newsletter at their own discretion and manual submissions may also be conducted by the site’s owners and operators with the user’s permission.

Newsletter email lists are stored safely in accordance with the Data Protection Act and all laws concerning spam and unauthorised marketing are followed to the letter. At no point are user details shared with third-party companies and they can only be accessed by privileged members of the website’s team.

Marketing emails sent by the website’s owners/operators may contain tracking information embedded within the email. This data is used to track subscriber activity and determine the success of a single marketing email, which in turn can be used to improve the website and provide more tailored emails in the future. This data does not track sensitive or financial information and is limited to the actions that a recipient takes within the email, including the clicking of links, opening/closing of the email, and the time during which all of this activity takes place.

Subscribers who no longer wish to receive marketing emails can unsubscribe at any time, as per the guidelines outlined by UK spam and privacy laws. Unsubscribe information can be found near the bottom of each newsletter email. The process of unsubscribing is quick and can be completed in one or two steps.

Users may request details of all personal information stored by the website. To do so, they should write to the address at the bottom of this page. A nominal fee will be charged for the release of this information.

Payment Processing

Canada Top Online Casino Casino does not store or retain payment information. All payments are processed via third-party services in full compliance with the law. Extensive measures are taken to protect user data and ensure all transactions are secure.

For more information concerning how payments are processed and information is stored, consult with the terms/policies provided by the merchant or affiliate website.

Advertisements and Sponsorships

This website contains a number of third-party sponsorship links. Most of these links are served by advertising partners, all of which have their own detailed privacy policies concerning these adverts and the way they are served to the user.

When a user clicks one of these adverts, they will be diverted to the advertiser’s website, at which point they should consult with the website’s privacy policies.

The terms listed herein relate only to Canada Top Online Casino Casino and not to any connected affiliate websites. Cookies, subscription information, payment processing, and other basic privacy policies may differ considerably and users visit these websites and use their services at their own risk.

Canada Top Online Casino Casino cannot be held responsible for the actions of its affiliates and will accept no liability for anything that happens to a user when they visit one of these sites.

Social Networking

The actions taken on social media websites are done so in agreement with the privacy policies of these websites. Users should read the respective privacy policies of these websites to understand how their data is stored and used.

Neither Canada Top Online Casino Casino nor its operators will request sensitive personal information through a social media website and users should practice caution when discussing their personal information on these sites. We encourage users to only share sensitive information in a non-public and completely secure format, including via direct email or over the phone.

Canada Top Online Casino Casino website may use social media buttons and links to point to its social media accounts. Affiliates may also use these buttons, in which case users are advised to practice caution when clicking these links and divulging any information on the resulting website or page.

Additional Information and Privacy Policies